Sniper Zombie Farm Paintball

In early Spring some Scientists visited our farm. On that day they inquired about renting an acre of our land to grow some exotic plants so we agreed to rent the land to them. Come summertime some people were trespassing on the land and were bitten by the exotic plants. The bite then turned them into flesh eating ZOMBIES!

Now we need your help to kill these Zombies and get this outbreak under control.  We have been working with the Military and the Scientist behind these plants and we have built a Zombie destroying truck and a special kind of weapon and ammo to put a final stop to these flesh eating zombies.

We only have one problem, we don’t have enough troops…so JOIN US TODAY and help us save the WORLD!

Can you handle this intense Zombie Ride?

Ride Details

This is a over a 1/2 mile long of FEAR in a real Army Troop Carrier Truck were you shoot Real Zombies and Targets with 100 Zombie slim paintballs! Will you make it out alive??

Age Limit

We recommend 7 and over due to the kids being able reach the mounted paintball gun.

Dates / Time

Check out ticketing page for this year’s dates and times!

Please note the Zombie Paintball Ride run continuously.  Appointments are not necessary!


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