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Our customer’s tell us we have the best selection of UNIQUE sun and shade annuals, hanging baskets, and planters. We have the LARGEST selection of Vegetable & Herbs Plants in Will County! We also have a selection of perennials for you to choose from, which are on sale now. If you don’t see it just ask. We will help you choose a plant that is right for you. Perennials Unlike annuals, which tend to bloom their hearts out all season, most perennials bloom for about two to four weeks each season. To make up for that, perennials come back each season, and many are quite long-lived. There are many available that don't need staking or have to be divided frequently. To create a satisfying flower garden, choose perennials that bloom at different times. You want to aim to have something in bloom from early spring, through summer and into fall. Annuals True annuals go through their life cycle, growing, flowering, setting seed and dying, in one season. Some plants most of us consider annual are actually perennials in warmer climates - for example geraniums. (Pelargonium species.) Modern annuals such as impatiens are bred for constant color through the season, and they make great supporting players in the flower garden. Annuals that mix beautifully with perennials include spider flower (Cleome spinosa), cosmos, blue salvia, Brazilian verbena, sweet alyssum, marguerite daisies and nigella. These plants are also indispensable space fillers in the first seasons while you're waiting for the perennials to bulk up. Ornamental grasses The airy appeal of grasses comes from their form and texture and their movement with the slightest breeze. Another plus is the all-season interest they provide: in summer they have great foliage, in the fall they flower and change color, and in the cold weather, their straw-coloured foliage provides lots of winter interest. Perennial varieties for sun and shade are available.