Liars and Thieves

October 10, 2017

If I could give it zero stars I would. The people in charge of this farm are thieves and liars. Their website explicitly states ” BY BUYING YOUR TICKETS ONLINE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT IN THE TICKET LINE”. LIE! I bought tickets online and I still had to wait in line. A line that was half a block long. A line that I sat in with a 2 yr old for almost an hour and was still not anywhere close to the front of the line. My two yr old could not wait any longer. I asked the gentleman they had securing the line to please get a manager to speak to. He told me “Sorry, I know these people, they are slammed, they will not come out.” He suggested I call and email. So I emailed the woman Kaity who is supposedly in charge. She did not respond for 24 hours. I called and the woman on the phone assured me she would reply by the end of the night. She did not. I called again the next day and finally got Kaity on the phone. Her customer service skills are pathetic to say the least. She gave me every excuse she could think of to explain why they were so poorly prepared and mismanaged that day. She even tried to blame it on the Cubs game. I explained that the only reson I bought a ticket was because their website states I would not have to wait in line. I would be fine with a couple minute wait. But I waited for an hour and was only half way up to the front. She refused to refund my money. This place is awful and they know it so they take your money and won’t refund it because they know they would never make any money. They have to lie and steal from people in order to make money. Stay clear of this place. There are much better options close by. Abbey Farm in Aurora is a wonderful place.

Meagan Sibert

Fun day for kids

October 10, 2017

With the $5 off coupon it was worth it. The maze was GREAT.. kids loved it.. got lost in it of course. You think you’re getting a deal with this wristband.. it was only good for the bounce pillows! Everyone loved the warm donuts! They we’re Good! We ordered 1/2 doz to eat immediately.. only 5 in bag.. went back and told them.. they were super nice and apologetic and gave us TWO! Everyone was super friendly! Kids enjoyed it and had a good time… THAT’S what counts!

Linda Hunter

Huge farm but overpriced

October 9, 2017

There is plenty to do here which is nice but everything is way overpriced, including the bottled water. The entry fee is expensive enough, but once you have to pay for water, or to ride a pony, get a pumpkin or feed the animals, it all adds up.


Garbage! Owners think us "City Folks" are their ATM..... go elsewhere!

October 8, 2017

The owners of this place look down their snouts at every person who pays out big money to come to their haunted “barn” called City of the Dead and Statesville Prison. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE! THESE PPL LOOK AT PAYING CUSTOMERS AS THEIR ATM…. They charge for EVERYTHING! ALSO, KATE, Who is one of the land owner’s daughters has NO SOCIAL SKILLS at all. I OVERHEARD her screaming at an employee / masked character and then in the same breath, yelled at a younger customer because she had a bottle of water. I guess that the little girls should have paid $3 for their off-brand water. Please don’t pay like we did… $45 per person plus $26 for 3 sodas and popcorn is too much for being treated so poorly

Brian Moore

Go to bengstons

October 7, 2017

Cant bring a bottle of water in here. Gotta wait in long lines and buy theres. Still pay as much or more to do half as much.

Ken Kottke

Totally worth the cost of admission to get out of the city and enjoy a day on the farm

October 6, 2017

We have such a great time out at Siegel’s. I really feel like a kid again, feeding the animals, love the corn mazes, fresh, clean air, and looking forward to their Cubs corn maze this year, plus the food! Last time I ate half a bag of their kettle corn and two apple cider donuts on the drive home! So yummy. It’s also a good place to stock up on high-quality flowers/plants that last forever and my fall favorite – apple butter. Totally worth the cost of admission to get out of the city and enjoy a day on the farm.

Jennifer F

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